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  • Before & After Repair

  • Before – Wooster Square, New Haven CT

  • Years of repetitive taring and sub standard repairs to Yankee gutter on this Historic Building on Wooster Square in New Haven, CT.

  • After – Wooster Square, New Haven CT

  • A finished relined Yankee gutter on a mansard roof with endless detail.

  • A typical old home with a Slate roof in Hamden, CT

  • A typical slate roof with inadequate repairs. After years of unsightly repairs many slate roofs look pretty bad. One of the most rewarding things about what we do is preserving and bringing back these vintage roofs to their original beauty. Before you let someone talk you into stripping off your slate roof call Tarantino Roofing and Coppersmith.

  • After- A typical old home with a new Slate roof by Tarantino Roofing & Copper-smith
    New copper gutters with 2 systems holding them to the house, not just 1 like every other roofer does.
    (The copper spikes are snow catchers)

  • Built-in / Yankee Gutter Restoration – New Haven CT

  • A typical Yankee gutter restoration usually involves rebuilding all of the existing woodwork.

  • In this particular job we coated to the bottom of the built in gutter with molten zinc to prolong the life of the copper lining. Then reinstalled all of the tiles.

  • Custom Copper Flat Roofing System – Removal and Re-installation, Woodbridge CT

  • Here is an example of a bad copper roof installation, it not only looks horrible it also leaks. It’s too bad we didn’t get a call to look at the job first, because the original copper roof had a nice patina. I would have left it in tact. Maybe do some minor repairs to it. Unfortunately some people will vinyl side the Statue of Liberty if they could make a buck on it.

  • We tried to recreate the classic copper roof from old photos.

  • Masonry Leak Repair, then re-repair- Hamden, CT

  • Here is another example of a really bad masonry flashing job. The story behind this one is one of my good customers called me to look at a leak near his stone chimney. In my 30 years plus experience, stone chimneys can be the most difficult to fix. So I asked my customer if he knew a good mason and he said yeah I know these guys Baltic masonry (not they’re real name) they work real cheap.

    I said I would do the copper flashing work and oversee the job to ensure we solved the problem. Sounded pretty reasonable to me.

    I told him to have them scaffold the job and call me. So 2 weeks go by I called him back and asked him if the masons showed up, he said yeah its all done. I said what do you mean its all done. I thought you wanted me to flash the chimney with copper. He said they flashed it already. So I said OK, call me if you have any problems. So 6 months go by and I get the call. So I climb up on the roof and this is what all done looks like.

  • Before

  • After

  • This is what its supposed to look like. And it’s leak free. There are many roofing leaks.

  • Before ~ After

  • Before ~ After

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